Free Gay Erotica

Free gay erotica

I have published a book of gay erotic stories, one half set in a British boarding school, the other set in Greece. To arouse your interest, you can find some free gay erotica here by following the links to posts.

Look out for the  Kindle and print book of the collection ‘In School and Out.’ The two examples, linked below, are to whet you’re appetite and harden your… Well, you can guess.

After Gym Class

The Greek Boys – part 1

A snippet from ‘Alex’s First Time’

He nodded and licked his wet lips. I poured more gin into my lap, my cock twitching at the sudden chill, and then pushed his head there again. This time he sucked and clawed with his eager mouth like a man dying of thirst. His hands gripped my hips, giving himself more leverage as he drank from my soaked groin.
Dean watched as he came and stood beside us. His cock was still straining for release from his saliva soaked underwear, and he was gripping it through the wet material. Without warning, he pulled the lad up and shoved his face into his groin.
‘Suck on it,’ he ordered. ‘Get it out and suck on it, now.’

gay erotica