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The team over at All Author have given me an interview on their site. Below, there’s a snippet and a link if you want to find out a little more about me, how I came to be writing Gay Lit, romance and erotica, and my thoughts generally on my writing process.

Meanwhile, I am working hard on ‘Deviant Lamplight’, a mystery/thriller based in a parallel London in 1888 during the Ripper murders. I’m doing loads of research about the plight and profession of Victorian rent boys and inventing a story along the lines of, What if the Ripper went after male prostitutes not female? There’s excitement, mystery, atmosphere, historical accuracy (as much as there can be) and even some humour. The social aspects are also fascinating. What if a titled gentleman, in this case, a viscount, fell in love with a street-renter? What social pressures would they face?

As usual for me, it’s a mashup of romance, mystery and thriller, plenty of sexual innuendo and maybe, later in the book, the opportunity for some very intimate action, but I’ve not reached that stage in the story yet.

And now, the interview, but first, the snippet.

When young, author Jackson Marsh wanted to be an actor. As a child, he was all about music, the piano and church organ in particular. Now he lives in Greece, his hobbies include walking and travelling when he can. The Mentor of Wildhill Farm was his first real foray into MM romance with some erotica. For him, the attraction of Kindle is immediacy. He thinks that the hardest part of writing the erotic sections in a romance is making sure they make sense. His advice is to get it out of your system, sit down and tell yourself the story in draft one, improve it in draft two, and then write draft three for your readers.

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