Win a Clearwater Calendar 2024

I’ve had this mad idea and I need your input, and I need it ASAP. Like any good story, it begins with a What if?

What if I asked you to list up to five of your favourite Clearwater/Larkspur/Delamere characters? Who would you list?

What if I then chose the five most popular and wrote a novella?

What if that novella was a collection of five short stories as told by the characters who have gathered together? (It might be they are stuck in a railway carriage, or by the fireplace on Christmas Eve… I’ll work that out later; it’s not important.)

And what if I put together the novella together in time for Christmas and you got a PDF/Kindle of it for free?


List your five favourite characters via my Facebook page (the thread is there, or just leave a random comment), via email or private message, and I will send out a Clearwater calendar to one contributor chosen at random at the end of next week (27th October).

FAST. I’d like to get started soon, so can I have your suggestions like… now? At least a couple to get me started.

WHO? Any characters. It doesn’t have to be the ‘canonical’ five (Archer, Silas, Tom, James, Fecks), and it doesn’t have to be a main player. It can be anyone from Mrs Killhaddock from ‘Agents of the Truth’ to Professor Fleet (Larkspur) or Jack Merrit (Delamere). It could even be one of the real names of history who have appeared; Bram Stoker, Henry Irving, Tennyson… Or someone that stands out in your memory for another reason… one of the villains, servants, East End renters…


(For a while.) My intention is to publish the collection/novella free to all my newsletter subscribers around Christmastime, and to put it in the ‘Jackson’s Deviant Desires’ private group for members. Sometime after Christmas, I may release it via the usual Amazon channels and put it for sale.

I’m going to put this post on my blog tomorrow for all those who follow my website but don’t use Facebook, so the details will be there if you lose this post/thread.

Get thinking, and put your suggestions in the comments, via my jack@ email, or my private message, and let’s have some fun!

The Clearwater Calendar

Today, I want to tell you about the Clearwater Calendar. This isn’t a book release schedule, but a wall calendar for next year. I have put together a collection of images, made a calendar, and put it for sale on We’ve been doing this for our Symi Dream website every year for the past I can’t remember how many years, but now, I have decided to do the same for the Clearwater series.

Each month, you have one of Andjela’s stunning book covers and the blurb about that book, and the first 11 months of the year take you through the series in chronological order. So, for January 2024, you have the cover for Banyak & Fecks and its blurb, and for February, you have Deviant Desire. So it goes on until November and The Clearwater Inheritance.

What of December? Well, to see the image for that month, you can either browse the calendar preview on its sales page, wait until you have a calendar to take a look, or even wait until December 2024 and turn the final page.

I ordered myself one to check all was looking good, and it is, and now, the calendar is on sale for anyone who wants one. I kept the price as low as I could. Also, at Lulu. You can order from anywhere in the world, and they print the calendar and dispatch it from their nearest printer to you. This means you should be able to buy it in your currency (certainly in US dollars, sterling, and Euros, and, I believe in Australian dollars), and you shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to arrive.

There you go, just an idea for Christmas presents or for something to adorn your office or home wall throughout next year.

A Fall From Grace

Meanwhile… I now have the illustration for ‘A Fall from Grace’, I should be seeing some ideas for the book cover any day now, and the MS is with Anne for proofreading. I noticed Amazon sent me a message today to say I can now set the release date for future books (rather than have to understand the pre-order system which I’ve never got to grips with), but for now, I think I will stick with my haphazard way of releasing new titles when they are ready, rather than planning ahead. A Fall from Grace should be with you sometime during October, and I will let you know when.

Silence & Limelight

I’ve now written one and a half chapters of the Delamere Files book three, and have undertaken a fair amount of research into the world of the Music Hall in the early 1890s. Keep an eye on the Saturday and Wednesday blogs for more information about this next book.

Here are links to the calendar and to the new series:

Finding a Way is on its Way

I was planning to upload and release ‘Finding a Way’ yesterday, but discovered a couple of last-minute typos, so had the guys fix them. I’m going to upload it as soon as I have posted this blog, and the link will be on the Saturday blog, no doubt, and on my Facebook pages.

A Fall from Grace

The second book in the new series, which continues the events two weeks after book one, is now at 65,000 words (out of an estimated 100,000), and after a week of finalising book one and rereading the draft so far of book two to remind myself where I was, I am, today, getting back to the job of typing.

Before I do that, I wanted to draw your attention to another homegrown product.

Symi Dream Calendar 2024

Excuse this step away from my books. Every year, my husband puts together a calendar of shots from Symi, the Greek island where we live. He’s been doing this for years, ever since he had his photography business and shop. Next year’s calendar has just gone live, and I thought I would let you know in case you were interested.

There’s one large image per month, a grid-style layout for each month with boxes large enough for quick notes and reminders, and there are no pre-marked special days cluttering up your pages. If you want a calendar with large images of where we live, then this is for you.

You can only buy this online from this one outlet. We’ve managed to keep the price to under €20.00 (which is what they were available for back in the days of the shop), though postage isn’t included, and prices vary slightly according to your country.

Click this link to get to the Symi Dream Calendar 2024, or click the image.