Welcome to The Clearwater Family

Welcome to The Clearwater Family

Over time, this page will be updated with interviews, images, and all things relevant to The Clearwater Family. They aren’t really a family, but you know what I mean; the group of men and women who make up the close friends of The Clearwater Mysteries.

Scroll down the page to read the interviews that we have had so far, there will be more of these character interviews in time. I am also commissioning drawings of each character, and these are what illustrate this page.

The pencil drawings are done for me by an artist known as DazlingDezigns in India. Other images, such as Silas and Andrej on the cover of ‘Banyak & Fecks’, are created by Anjela K in Belgrade, Serbia.

To learn more about the Clearwater Family (with no story spoilers), click on their names.

Messenger, footman, valet, detective.
Born January 10th, 1863, Riverside, London

Coachman & Master of the Larkspur Horse
Born around 1867 in Serbka, Ukraine

Assistant Housekeeper and virtuoso pianist
Born 1871, Paris and bought up in the Lambeth workhouse

Footman, Valet, Steward, Butler
Born May 5th, 1861, Romney Marsh, Kent

Recent Posts

Work In Progress 3.03

Speaking in Silence

I started back on Larkspur Five, Speaking in Silence, on Monday. I’d done some work on it previously, but I wasn’t that happy with what I’d written.

The first chapter is fine (for now), and it’s rather Dickensian as we follow a mystery character into the depths of Greychurch (Whitechapel) for a clandestine meeting which sets up the rest of the story. Then, however, I’d cut to a couple of men at the Larkspur Academy and had written a very prosaic ‘waking up’ scene. This was followed by breakfast where Fleet asked all the characters what they were doing, and filled us in on what’s happened at the academy since we finished reading Seeing Through Shadows.

What I’d actually done, I realised, was tell myself what had been happening and where everyone was. Cadman was mapping the estate, Clem was about to start his business, Frank had been doing XYZ and Hyde and Hope were blah-di-blah. The reader didn’t need to know all that in the second chapter, and it was a bit ‘in yer face.’ So, I scrapped it. Rather, I put it in the ‘cuts’ folder because there are parts of it I will need later. I just didn’t need to bung it all in right at the start in the manner of a ‘Previously on Larkspur…’ announcement at the start of a TV show.

So, with chapter two out of the window, I moved chapter three, which I’d started, to second place, and carried on, and now things are flowing much more smoothly.

The story proper starts in chapter two (one being something of a prologue), and it starts with a dinner party at the Hall. Bigwigs and important MPs have come to inspect the academy, and among them are the men who will decide if Archer should be raised to the rank of Earl.

I need to do some research there, because things might have been different in 1891 to how they are now, and I know it’s not as simple as the monarch awarding the title like the good old medieval days. At least, I don’t think it was like that… I’ll let you know.

Anyway, the news is that the train has left the station and I am driving it, albeit slowly to start with. If you’ll excuse the analogy, I reckon I’ve just left Paddington and am still building up a head of steam. I’ve only reached the western suburbs so far, and my destination, Larkspur Hall in Cornwall, is still a long, long way away.

On my way!

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