WIP Blog Nine: Draft One Complete.

WIP Blog Nine: Draft One Complete.

Hi, just a quick update as promised. My Work In Progress, ‘Agents of the Truth’ has reached the end of draft one at 111,000 words. Yippee!

I am about to start a read-through for a story edit, to make sure all points of the mystery add up, and to check my timeline. I feel it is going to come across as ‘bitty’, because it feels like I have had to work on it in fits and starts. Christmas caused a two-day hiatus, but only between the end of the climax and the epilogue, but organising and playing the piano for a carol concert and other pre-Christmas activities also caused hiccups. While they were going on, I was also looking around for freelance writing work, assisting newbies with stories, editing and restructuring website reports and things, so having to pay the bills also rather gets in the way of the creative flow.

However, I have brought to an end a three-part adventure starring Dalston Blaze and Joe Tanner (and others), and feel that now, Dalston and Joe can settle into a stable new life, while I bring new characters into the Larkspur Academy. That will start once ‘Agents’ is finished, and there is a way to go yet. I am still aiming for the end of February as a release date, and will soon fix up a time for proofreading and organising the cover.

Meanwhile, it’s back to draft two, and a mound of Christmas leftovers we still need to get through before I can extract myself from the sofa, get out and do some walking, and settle back into my more usual routine.

I will be here on Saturday for an end-of-year round-up. See you then!

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