Work In Progress 2.13

The Last Leg

That’s not the name of the book, of course. ‘Seeing Through Shadows’ is back from proofing, which now sets me on the last leg of publication. For me, this includes:

  • A final read to agree the proofs and make any last-minute changes.
  • Send the proofed blurb to the cover designer and ask for the full, print cover.
  • Set the book up on KDP to get the IBAN, and add it to the front matter.
  • Contact the layout team, and put them on alert.

When I have reread the book, I then:

  • Send it to be set out, and wait for the files to come back.
  • Check them (though I never really need to), and address any changes.
  • Upload the cover and blurb to KDP, and set the keywords.
  • When the internal files are ready, upload them.
  • Set the price, and hit ‘publish’ on both Kindle and print.

Usually, within two days, the book is then live.

So, today, I am still at the final read stage, and that will take me a few days, but you can expect ‘Seeing Through Shadows’, book four in the Larkspur Mysteries series, to be available in the next two weeks. And then, on to the next one, ‘Speaking In Silence.’

Seeing Through Shadows

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