Work In Progress 2.8

Larkspur Four.

I can’t believe we’re halfway through March already. It’s also hard to believe that, as I write this, I have only three or four more chapters to write for the first draft of the Larkspur Mysteries Book Four. I still have no title, although I am getting closer. Some kind of muse is fluttering, and I am playing with the words secret or forbidden, or maybe both. Watch this space.

Right now, I am up to 91,000 words and, as I thought, the first draft is going to run to over 100,00 words. Now that’s what I call a book. I had a moment the other day when someone said they’d written and published 100 books, then referred to them as novels, then when I looked, they were 10,000-word short stories posing as ‘novels’ and for sale at a higher price than real-length novels. The moment passed, and where was I…?

Oh yes. Three chapters left to go, possibly four because I’ve not nailed down the epilogue yet, and I aim to finish this draft by the end of this week. While writing it, my characters have come up with a couple of phrases I might use in the blurb:

May our sins die with us

Risk is the spark that ignites adventure

I rather like those.

I have also been dipping into some surface research, by which I mean, scratching the surface of a subject to get just what I need, rather than becoming a specialist in the subject overnight. These subjects include Cornish dialect and language, and I found a wonderful on-line resource for this at RootsWeb.
That long page is a dictionary where you can run a search (Ctrl + F) and look up any word you want to know in Cornish dialect. Perfect.  

Anyway, that’s where I am at the moment, and now, I must get back to chapter 23 where it’s all about to kick off!

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