Work in Progress 2.9

First draft and a title

It all came together over the weekend. Not only did I finish the first draft of Larkspur 4, I came up with a title. Now, I have a 108,000-word first draft that I am happy with, and a title which has got me thinking about the cover image.

The title is ‘Seeing Through Shadows’, and the timescale if all goes well is:

Finished final draft to be proofread by the last week in March (subject to availability)

Cover designed and ready by the end of April

Launched either very end of April or early May

All a bit vague right now, but then it has to be. I am already working through draft two, but because I took so much trouble with draft one, and have 30 + books experience of writing a first draft, I think my first drafts these days are pretty tight, though I say so myself. There’s still a way to go, but I’m getting there.

Back on Saturday with my regular, weekly, more in-depth blog.

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