Deviant Desire (release)

Deviant Desire (release)

Deviant Desire is ready to go for publication, just about. I’m just waiting for a couple of minor changes to the book cover for the print version, and after that, it should be uploaded. As usual, it’s a nervous time. Have I done the layout properly? It looks fine on my Kindle and other devices, but how will it look on other people’s? That kind of thing, but I shall press the button soon.

There will be a book tour for this one, the first in a new series, ‘The Clearwater Mysteries’, but that’s not until April 26th, so you have plenty of time to be the first to read the start of this new and on-going adventure. Here’s the blurb, you’ll have the links soon.

Deviant Desire Jackson MarshThe Victorian East End lives in fear of the Ripper and his mission to kill rent boys. Silas Hawkins, nineteen and forging a life on the streets could well be the next victim, but when he meets Archer, his life changes forever. Young, attractive and rich, Archer is The Viscount Clearwater, a philanthropist, adventurer and homosexual.

When Archer suspects the Ripper is killing to lure him to a confrontation, he risks his reputation and his life to stop the madman’s murders. Every man must play his part, including Silas.

A mashup of mystery, romance and adventure, Deviant Desire is set in an imaginary London of 1888. The first in an on-going series, it takes the theme of loyalty and friendship in a world where homosexuality is a crime. Secrets must be kept, lovers must be protected, and for Archer and Silas, it marks the start of their biggest adventure – love.

Praise for Jackson Marsh

“No usual tried tropes here. Great story, natural dialogue, well-developed characters, and an unpredictable plot.”

“Amazing. Jackson Marsh has written a compelling mystery and a wonderful love story both at the same time.”