Follow the Van Update

I’m not here today, at least, I shouldn’t be. I have an appointment on another island, so I am writing this yesterday. Right now, it’s windy out there and if the wind gets too strong, the boat won’t reach us in time to whisk me away in the morning when the weather is set to be better. Just thought you’d like to know. More importantly, though…

At the weekend, I will be sending Follow the Van off to be proofread, all 100,000 words of it. I am currently carrying out a last read-through, and, at the same time, am in discussions with Andjela about the cover. It’s a tricky one because there’s nothing dramatic taking place (I don’t want to give away the ending). It might have to be a static image that shows atmosphere more than mystery, but we’re working on it. Jack and Will Merrit should be on the cover, so we’ll see Will for the first time, but I noticed in the cover mock-ups, Andjela has given Jack a moustache. I rather like that, but if we’re to keep it, I’ll have to mention it in the story.

That’s this week’s update. I shall be here again on Saturday with my usual, longer blog.

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