Historical Fiction in Kindle Unlimited

Historical Fiction in Kindle Unlimited

I know I have been telling a lot about promos recently, but that’s because I am doing my bit to promote others’ work while promoting my own, because we indie authors need to support each other. So, today is only a brief mention of a new promo that’s all about historical fiction. Here’s the link and the banner:

Good to see they used ‘Finding a Way’ in the banner. I have my three series starts in there, and it’d be great if you could share this link around, and click on it yourself and give me some kudos points. All the books are in KU, so if you are enrolled, they’ll cost you nothing extra to browse or read. There are a lot of what look like late Regency or early Victorian dukes and their mistresses on the covers, some WWII stories, some American, some that look to be 1930s, and at least one that’s much older in setting and looks a little Viking. So, there is plenty to explore among the 70 titles on offer.

‘The Wharf Rat Guild’ set in 1662 (the time of Charles II) looks interesting, ‘Grace in the Wings’ looks right up my street as it has a theatrical setting, and ‘Trading Thomas’ is now on my TBR list because it is based on true events, we’re told. So, here is the link again.

Where There’s a Will

If you want to see the cover of the next Delamere Files, due out next week, then you will have to a) join my private Facebook group Jackson’s Deviant Desires where I am showing the cover today, or b) wait a little longer and I’ll put it up here next week. The book is all but finished and ready to go – I am just waiting for the full cover and the layout which I will commission over the weekend. So, not long now and you can read more about the annoyingly humorous and odd Will Merrit as he leads his first case.

In the Meantime…

In the meantime, I have visitors here for two weeks, and they arrive in a few hours, so I have much to do in preparation. I’ll continue to post here and at my Symi island blog over at Symi Dream (which I update five days per week), and I’ll let you know there or here if I hear anything more about interviews, promotions and any other news concerning my work.

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