Spend Easter With Queer Romance

Here’s a special promotion that’s going to run long enough to cover Western and Orthodox Easter. Over here in Greece, East Sunday is not until May 5th while in the UK and elsewhere it’s on March 31st. This means you’ve got six weeks of promo to look forward to with 80 titles being promoted during this time.

I, of course, have my three series starters in the list and am up there with other top writers of gay and lesbian romance and fiction. I was just browsing the list and noted a few interesting facts:

There are 80 titles.

All but three feature at least one model (boy or girl) on the cover.

The word ‘Desire’ appears in two titles: ‘Corrupted Desire’ by Ryder O’Malley, and Deviant Desire by Jackson Marsh. Oh, that’s me!

Some of the authors have appeared on my blog, i.e. KC Carmine.

There is a wide range of niches, themes, tropes, but with queer romance as the overarching common theme, and here are some I have gleaned from the covers:

Mystery books, lesbian literature, age gap and daddies, fantasy, history, medical, the priesthood, rakes, tough boys, fit boys, sword and sorcery, YA… A browse of the covers will give you a better idea, but plenty to choose from.

I hope you will pop over to the promo during the sates March 29th to May 6th and click on some of the covers to discover more about the books that lie behind them. Also, if you will, feel free to share the link around, on your Facebook pages and groups, and give us indie queer authors some extra publicity.

My first series starter is Deviant Desire – and that’s in the promo, of course. This is the novel that started the entire Clearwater world, and the 21 books within that world are now becoming a trilogy of three complete series.

Deviant Desire, like most of my novels, is a love story within a mystery, and in this case, the mystery is based on the story of Jack the Ripper. (Though I have changed it to the East End Ripper who is targeting rent boys.) It’s all about love across the great Victorian class divide and begins a love story that continues through 10 books and a prequel, and endures through the next series and beyond.

More about the other books in this great Easter promo as the days go by. Meanwhile:

Thank you, and happy reading!


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