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This month, I am promoting Deviant Desire and Guardians of the Poor, and I am doing it through two promo outlets which might interest you. The first is for Deviant Desire (and Guardians as that’s in both promos), and that book is up there with 38 other titles by some great authors.

If you like 20th Century historical fiction then KC Savilis is the writer for you, with his ‘The Devil’s Spies’ being set during the Cold War, and his ‘Operation Teardrop’ set in 1944. If you like historical fantasy, then ‘Legacy of Hunger’, by Christy Nichols might suit you, and if you want to go right back, then ‘The Frowning Madona’ is set in 412 A.D.

There is a wide range of historical fiction on offer, though not necessarily gay historical fiction as in Deviant Desire. The first in my Clearwater series of Victorian mysteries, ‘DD’ starts the ball rolling with the East End Ripper – my take on Jack – with some references within the novel being factual and inspiring the ongoing series. For example, my Ripper is never caught, the same as Jack was never caught, but in my world, you, the reader, will find out not only who he is, but why he was never exposed.

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Academia Romance

Guardians of the Poor has a place in an Academia Romance collection of 19 books on offer through the Academia Romance promo on Book Funnel. Going by the titles and covers, these are mainly straight, academy-themed stories, and Guardians does rather stand out as being something different. Perhaps that will attract some new readers, perhaps it won’t. What I do know is, if you are looking for more KU books to add to your TBR list, and you like the idea of teachers and students, or students and students, or teachers and… you get the idea… then this promo is for you.

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Jackson’s Academy

I was going to leave things there, but then I started thinking about how many of my novels feature an academy, or a mentor. Guardians of the Poor starts off the Larkspur Series, and these are set at the Larkspur Academy, so there are seven right there. Then, I have the Mentor series where an older guy mentors a younger guy through coming out and accepting he’s gay. You can add to that, the Students of Barrenmoor Ridge which is about two school leavers.

I was only allowed to put one title in the academy promo, hence Guardians is there because it’s a series starter, and the story introduces us to the Larkspur Academy, Professor Fleet, and a string of new lead characters.

As usual, you can find all my books through my Amazon page, and they are all available in KU.

[KU = Kindle Unlimited. TBR = To Be Read.]