The Clearwater Family

Over time, this page will be updated with interviews, images, and all things relevant to The Clearwater Family.

They aren’t really a family, but you know what I mean; the group of men and women who make up the close friends of The Clearwater mysteries. So far, we have had interviews with Thomas, Jasper, James and Andrej, and there will be more of these character interviews in time. I am also commissioning drawings of each character, and these are what illustrate this page.

The pencil drawings are done for me by an artist known as DazlingDezigns in India. Other images, such as Silas and Andrej on the cover of ‘Banyak & Fecks’, are created by Anjela K in Belgrade, Serbia.

To learn more about the Clearwater Family (with no story spoilers), click on their drawing.

James Joseph Wright
Messenger, footman, valet, detective
Born January 10th, 1863, Riverside, London

Andrej Borysko Yakiv Kolisnychenko
(aka Fecker)

Coachman & Master of the Larkspur Horse

Born around 1867, in Serbka, Ukraine

Thomas Arthur Payne Footman, Butler, Valet, Steward
born May 5th, 1861, Romney Marsh, Kent

Jasper Blackwood
Assistant housekeeper and virtuoso pianist
Born 1871, Paris, brought up in the Lambeth workhouse

Recent Posts

WIP Blog Twelve: Ready for Proofreading

WIP Blog Twelve: Ready for Proofreading

This week’s Work In Progress news is that ‘Agents of the Truth’ is (almost) ready to go to be proofread. I say almost because it’s not booked in until the 25th which gives me enough time to leave it alone and wait for last-minute thoughts to pop into my head, and enough time for my PA to give it a read. She’s already picked up a few typos I’ve missed, and the more of those we find, the better.

Am I happy with it? Yes. When will it be available? Hopefully, by the second week in February, before Valentine’s Day if I can, as I don’t want it to get caught up in the slew of releases that day always brings. So, keep watching the blog and my Facebook page for more news. Also, keep watching for the next WIP, as work on Larkspur Four has already begun.

More about that next week, and coming soon… the cover reveal for ‘Agents if the Truth.’

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