The Time Between

That sounds like the title of a novel soon to be a major motion picture, but it’s not. At least, if it is, it’s not one I’ve heard of. What it is though, is right now. The time between the books. One is currently being proofread, the other has yet to be started, and it’s the period when I never know quite what to do.

You’ve just finished another novel (almost), and you’re keen to leap onto the next, because there are still many stories to tell, but what’s this story to be? I have a title I want to use, and as I put the title of the next one at the end of the one before, I need to be sure that’s where I am going before I publish the one before. In this case, we’re talking the Delamere Files, where each story is a new investigation for our new detectives Jack and Will Merrit. So far we have had:

Finding a Way where Jack and Will receive the offer of a better life.

A Fall From Grace is their first real case with Jimmy Wright.

Follow the Van, which is Jack’s first case off his own back.

Where There’s a Will, which I want to be more about Will Merrit.

Also, during the first three, Jack and Will’s life changes dramatically. Jack finds the possibility of MM love with Larkin Chase but has trouble accepting it and his feelings towards men generally. In Follow the Van, Jack is tempted by someone, confused about love and Larkin, and finally decides to… Well, you’ll have to wait to read it, and that should be in only a couple of weeks’ time.

Meanwhile, I am pottering around with some ideas and found one that I’ve always wanted to do, no matter how clichéd it is. The creepy country house reading of the will story. A story like The Cat and the Canary which I loved when I was little (the Bob Hope version). Any stage plays or films along those lines were definitely my ‘thing’ years ago and they still are. The classic ‘cabin in the woods’ as we call them now, but with suspense, not horror.

Except, in my story, it won’t be a country house on the moors or a cabin in the forest, I am thinking of an island like Lundy with a lighthouse and a few buildings, and that’s it. Why our two heroes should go there and what mystery will need to be solved, let alone how/if there will be any MM romance going on, all remain to be seen. But, I will continue to think as I wallow in my Time Between projects, all the while knowing that new releases boost sales, and sales mean bread and butter. On which note, I will get on with some more pottering.

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