Deviant Desire – Love Bytes

Deviant Desire – Love Bytes

Today, April 30th, Deviant Desire’s book tour continues with an appearance at Love Bytes.

“Love Bytes struggles to give LGTBQ+ books and their works the much deserved recognition by posting reviews, running giveaway contests for the authors, featuring their newly published works for promotion, hosting blog tours, conducting author interviews and lots more!”

I’m not sure about the word ‘struggles’ in their About introduction, it looks to me like they have no trouble at all. I know what they mean though, getting one’s books to the attention of the a wider readership is always a struggle, and getting the message through to others that MM Romance and Gay Lit are more than viable genres of writing is even more difficult. Love Bytes seems to be doing a great job.

I see they publish book reviews too. I am not sure of they will be review Deviant Desire, but they will be publishing a unique piece of content, one of the interviews and articles written specially for this fortnight tour. You will find more information on their home page.

Deviant Desire- The Clearwater Mysteries book one
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